Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gig: Jon1st & DJ Cheeba @ Echoes

The Soundcrash promotion team, who do some of the best live event promotion in the UK have themselves a little music space, Echoes in Haggesrston, Tonight's gig was two DJs who I've seen before but thought would make the night a good one.

I got there as it opened and DMC winner Jon1st was already on the decks.

He played a 90 minute set with a lot of scratching and some parts of the routine that won him the championship in 2013. 

This is his routine and you can see just how fast he is.

Time to switchover

Cheeba, who I last saw at BlueDot had brought his Double Vision show to tonight's proceeding. This has him working an AV set on 3 decks, 2 mixers and 2 laptops. With some of his staple clips including the Spinal Tap, Prodigy, Epilepsy mix (which is becoming my favourite AV section of any DJ) he kept the audience happy for the duration of his 90 minute set.

The two then got together to finish up with a little freestyle section including Jon1st scratching video clips of cats scratching records. Does this make this a meta-mix?

So a good night, despite some sound issues that saw the left speaker and woofer occasionally cutting out, despite the sound engineers best attempts at fixing it.

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