Sunday, November 20, 2016

Film: Gloria

Time for another mystery movie night at the Prince Charles and this time around it was the John Cassavettes 1980 film, Gloria. 

This tells the story of Gloria, a former gang moll who is left in the care of a neighbour's little boy when his father and the rest of this family is killed by the same gang. The boy has a book that the gang wants and the two are pursued through the city of New York.

It's OK, and I guess inspired Leon a little bit as there is common themes between the two. However once I got the idea in my head that the boy looked like a young Bruno Mars, I found myself laughing more than I should have. I also found some of his dialogue a little OTT for a six-year old, which was supposedly how old he was supposed to be.

Gena Rowland however is great and carries the film. 

An enjoyable romp, and another great choice by the PCC!

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