Saturday, November 05, 2016

Film: Hypernormalisation

A bit of a weird documentary that had been released by the BBC ahead of the US elections that tries to explain the unusual events that are going on the world of politics trying to explain the Brexit decision, and the following that Donald Trump has got in the U.S.  

It starts with the beginning of the media's influence on politics and the rise of the banking sector and how they control many governments around the world. It's pitch is that by dumbing down the media we become blase to the real issues that impact us. There are some interesting theories around how Libya was played and the Governments' inability to deal with the Saudis correctly. However as it goes on some of its tone borders that of conspiracy theories and overall I wasn't fully taken in by what was being told. The ending, mashing up Brexit with the blood spilling scene in Carrie looked like they were unable to pull their theories into a single takeaway.

I can relate to the content as I no longer read the press and I hardly watch the news on TV, because you're always shown a spin or take on the story being told. I prefer to find my own news and follow independent sources and make my own mind up.

I'm not sure why the BBC of all companies were behind this, they're not as impartial as they like to make out.

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