Sunday, November 06, 2016

Film: My Scientology Movie

A big screen viewing courtesy of the Prince Charles Cinema of Louis Theroux's new documentary and his take on the Scientology cult and the rumours that surround how its run. 

With the religious organisation / cult not wanting to appear in the documentary Louis comes from an angle of casting actors to recreate the leader David Miscavige and notable member Tom Cruise's involvement in the organisation and using information from a couple of ex senior figures to reconstruct how the organisation recruits and disciplines its members.

As he gets close to the organisation he starts to get followed and there's some great encounters with lower members filming him as a sign of intimidation, which Louis takes in his stride. The documentary does confirm that some elements of the group are bonkers (the squirreling where they openly badger former members is a highlight).

However like Hypernormalisation I'd seen the week before there's no summing up and Louis leaves it to us to draw our own conclusions, but that's his style so I wasn't disappointed. 

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