Friday, November 11, 2016

Film: Arrival

A trip to the cinema for a blind-choice night (no idea until we get there) saw us seeing Arrival, the new film from the director of last year's sleeper hit Sicario. This one features Amy Adams as an interpreter and Hawkeye as a scientist who are recruited by the government to try to communicate with one of 12 lozenge-shaped alien spaceships that have landed around the planet. 

The film is based around the linguistic challenge that would face us when attempting to communicate with aliens, in this case a pair of heptapods, and figuring out if they come in peace or not. A much better premise than checking if your virus software is compatible with their flight systems a la Independence Day.

The film is slow paced, like Sicario, but that's how it needed to be. The performances are strong and editing is alright although there's a noticeable jump in how fast they're translating the alien words.

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