Saturday, February 18, 2017

Event: Geek @ Dreamland Margate

As part of their out-of-season activities the people at Dreamland held an event entitled "Geek" and opened it's doors to fans of gaming, and other geeky stuff.

The roller disco had been populated with the dodgems providing a great way to host the Super Mario Cart competition they were holding over the weekend.

The main hall, which hosted the main acts at the "By the Sea" festival last Autumn, housed the majority of the video games with some competitions and the opportunity to play a huge arrange of games spanning many decades.

Multiplayer FPS setup.

Someone playing Lunar Jetpack on the Spectrum. I once took part in a winner stays on competition for this game many years ago and having not lost a life, and clocked the game numerous times over 2-hours, everyone else had given up and gone elsewhere :)

But I wasn't here for the video games leaving that to the many kids enjoying their half-term break. As part of the event and continuing the 40th birthday celebrations, there was a display of art from 2000AD here.

I loved Bad Company, due in part to one of the characters being called "Malcolm". 

The pieces looked to all be originals, with some edits still present on top of the original artworks. 

The old school pinball games were out for people to play.

Not my thing, but some people did seem to enjoy the wargames.

and the park was pretty barren as I guess some of the rides were either on the road or off getting refurbed ahead of the park reopening in a few weeks' time. 

A nice event, and the turnout was strong, which is always great to see happening at Margate. I didn't stay too long in the end but I'm glad I went and showed my support. 

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