Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Gig: Ladyhawke @ Koko

The final gig of the week took me to Camden for another New Zealand act, Ladyhawke.

The support act was a Glaswegian act called Isle. They had good repartee with the crowd encouraging us to cheer for Ladyhawke after every other song and ensuring we were getting noisier each time.

Like TNAF the night before, Ladyhawke opened with a couple of the more upbeat numbers before mixing a number of the slower songs in. There looked to be a little bit of sound imbalance at the beginning with the vocals sounding like they were being drowned out by the synths but it seemed to sort itself out through the set.

The crowd were a mixed bunch with the hard core fans jumping up and down at the front and as you moved further back the crowd got more still and as you went up the venue towards the top floor the audience got older.

Being Koko, good use was made of the mirror ball and the set finished with Delerium, one of her bigger hits.

Another great night of music, and she has a few more nights in the UK left before heading off elsewhere. 

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