Friday, February 10, 2017

Exhibition: Late at the Library - You are Here @ British Library

As part of a season of adult evenings the British Library had a maps themed night to go along with their "You are Here" exhibition. With one half of St Etienne providing music, and some terrible stand up comedy from someone who's name I forget the night still managed to be OK. There was also a bar and food laid on for the peckish and thirsty and a number of exhibits including some VR and such like. As a heavy Google Earth user I thought it would be a good thing to pop along for a night of all things cartography.

A huge map of London to scrawl on.

A printer rendering a very finely detailed view of London.

Another interactive map, this time to capture places of interest. 

Some weird chaos powered globe drawing machine.

A 1968 map of Disney

The original London Underground map. An original Harry Beck.

It was a nice evening but one I didn't need to stay a long time at.

As a souvenir and to keep me stuck to Google Earth or travelling a little bit more I bought a copy of this. 

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