Saturday, February 18, 2017

Film: John Wick Chapter 2

When I saw the first John Wick film I thought it looked like a video game and when I heard there was a second one coming I suspected it would be more of the same...I was right.

There's a little more of the world that John belongs to this time so we at least have some backstory to pad out the shallow storyline. In the first he was getting revenge for killing his dog. The prologue of this has him killing many people to get his stolen car back.

The main story has him repaying an old debt by killing a woman knowing that the implications in doing so will make him a marked man. That single sentence is more complicated than the plot which is just Ted "Theodore" Logan using well rehearsed Close-Quarter-Combat moves on a near-never-ending list of assailants. Too much of the film is bang bang, take a guy down, bang, kill the guy on the ground then move on. 

Entertaining but repetitive and leaving the film open for another I will predict that'll be much more of the same. 

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