Sunday, February 19, 2017

Exhibition: Kinetica @ Ugly Duck Studios

Kinetica is an exhibition of art that was celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year. 

A demo of Hologauze was the main draw for me. This is technology used for projecting images into space. The screen is so fine that it can be seen through but still be strong enough to show the content being projected onto it. It's being used in concerts, most notably as part of Eric Prydz's "Epic" tours. 

This was being used a few times in the day starting with a 3D visualisation of cellular growth which was incredible. Later in the day we had a showing of Holotronica, a 3D video electronic music thing.

This strange looking object reveals it's true form when reflected in a reflective cylinder. I've seen this effect in some Japanese scare attractions, but this was a much better looking effect.

A man made of little circuit boards that looked to update through the day. 

A robot bird that interacts with the sponge cylinders that litter it's enclosure.

An interactive light display that moves when you put your hands through a hoop.

A beating Swarovski crystal heart.

Another cylinder mirror effect. This time becoming an outstretched hand. 

Molten wax dripping slowly from a rotating heater.

A tunnel of lights.

A rather bizarre animatronic.

A series of mobile pieces.

This was pretty cool, a strobe lit strip of metal that spun at speed 

Another effect using the hologauze. This time allowing reflected images to generate a 3D effect.

This looked like iron filings with a magnet running underneath causing it to ripple.

Lasers shining through a plastic structure.

This was a large wall on which a project was being run. It could be modified by pressing some buttons close by.

Another projection bit.

and another light tunnel effect.

But the show is mostly about movement so here are a bunch of videos.

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