Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Film: Prevenge

Prevenge tells the tale of a woman pushed to kill in revenge for the death of her husband. The twist is that it's her unborn daughter who is encouraging her to do it. It's a beautifully pulled together b-movie style splatter fest with a single narrative that just pulls you into it's dark dark world. It's fair to say this is not a film to watch if you're wanting to impress a loved one (it'll be funny to see how popular this is for Valentines). It's not overly gory and the effects are more functional than impressive. 

Written, directed and starring Alice Lowe, who I remember fondly from Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, this production was pulled together whilst she was heavily pregnant. As she said it saved money on padding costs.

Prior to tonight's showing Alice introduced some of the cast to the audience including Kayvan Novak, aka Fonejacker. There were also some celebs in the crowd. 

After the show we had a brief Q&A with Alice and the producer Vaughn Sivell, who looked to have gotten along really well making this film, and it was good to hear they're pairing up again on another. I hope it's as much fun as this was!

Recommended despite the simple premise. 

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