Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Film: Headshot

The latest film starring Iko Uwais was getting a little run at the Prince Charles and as a fan of both the Raid and Raid 2 how could I not turn down an opportunity to see his latest film?

This one has a video game quality story line that mirrors the Bourne movie a little bit. Man wakes up on beach with no memory, recalls being shot in the head by a criminal gang then vows to go against them when they capture his lady, who happens to be the nurse who helped him recover.

So we have 100 minutes of a single player double-dragon game as Iko smashes a lot of heads in and dislocates a lot of joints on his way through the gang to the big boss.  Speaking of bosses it was good to see the actors who played the baseball bat guy and hammer girl from Raid 2 back once again as senior members of the gang. This time their weapons of choice are a telescopic baton and an odd looking blade.

The Welsh dude who directed the two Raid films wasn't around for this one but that's not a bad thing. I don't think my heart would allow me to sit through another fight scene like that in Raid 2. This one focuses a lot more on dislocations, with a couple making the entire audience wince.   It is also a little more a gun heavy which detracts slightly from the overall film.

Still really enjoyable though.
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