Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Film: Logan

Hugh Jackman takes the Wolverine franchise to a stunning ending with this darker, more adult storyline. In this one, Wolverine is older, losing his healing powers and his claws don't work quite as they should. With mutants apparently gone he comes across a young girl with similar powers to his and finds himself having to protect her as they and Charles Xavier travel across the US to a safe haven.

The film was a bit like The Last of Us videogame, with the two undertaking their journey to an uncertain destination and learning about each other along the way. At time Hugh looked like Joel.
There are some cliches throughout, more so in the final act, but they can be overlooked as the writing is pretty strong, and the performances are great due in part to the leads having played their roles for some time. 

The violence is top notch, way harsher than the other X-Men films. It's fair to say this isn't a kid-friendly comic book adaptation. The ending is well done and there is a new storyline opened up that could lead to a new was missing a "Flame On!" though ;)

oh, and there're are no clips during or after the trailer so don't sit through the credits waiting. This film doesn't need that.

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