Sunday, March 19, 2017

Park: Antics Land

Day 2 would have the group starting the day with a mall coaster and we'd chosen Antic's Land, located in the Mega Mall in the Sharjah part of the country.

Antic's Land is reported to have opened in 2002, so has been here for a while.

Uh Oh! This could be a problem.

Actually it turned out not to be the case. We'd pre-arranged with the park to turn up and who's going to turn down a crowed of 100+ that just wants to ride one coaster and leave?

The park looked really good for a small Family Entertainment Centre. A slow moving Griffon themed monorail looked to circle most of the park. 

A basic looking Merry Go Round. Not a Carousel, which rotates the other way.

The coaster was a tiny figure-of-8 ride, too small to fit 2 in each row but big enough to give the single riders room to be thrown from side-to-side as it whipped around the turns.

There's a snake house to go through on the exit but only a single exhibit was housing one.

There were some nice touches of theming around the park.

The majority of the group rode the coaster and whilst some rode the monorail a small number of us gave the dark ride a go. A shooting spinning train ride called Dangor's Den; It was alright.

More rides.

One clever touch of theming that I really liked, and that most missed until I pointed it out was a pirate boat you could walk through with an aquarium in the ceiling so it looked like it had sunk. I'd not seen this before.

And that was Antic's Land, a brief warm up to what was to come.

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