Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Park: Fun Works

Next door to the Ferrari Park is a huge shopping mall called Yas Mall and within that there's an indoor amusement park called Fun Works, which is home to a little rollercoaster.

The place is huge and looks really impressive. They have a good selection of kids rides. The coaster is over on the left hand side.

We had to talk our way onto the ride. Wristbands had been purchased in advance and handed out to the club whilst they were transferring from the water park to the Ferrari park so we had missed them. The park staff were fortunately understanding and they allowed us on without having to pay.

It was a terrible ride. It sort of spins as it goes around, similar to a Chinese Surfboat but in a car that shouldn't be moving the way it does. It smashes your head on every turn and is not re-rideable in any capacity but we left the ride politely smiling to the staff who had let us on.

There's a better coaster in the mall although you can't ride it. Located in the centre of the first floor Rogo's is a rollercoaster restaurant where your food is delivered in little pots that travel a coaster track to your table. We stayed for lunch and it was really good.

From there we made our way back into Ferrari World to finish up the day there.

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