Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Park: Adventureland

The final park of the tour was back in Sharjah close to the airport. Adventureland is another large mall park run by a guy who used to work for ride maker Vekoma. 

The park has 3 coasters, which is pretty good for an indoor park, two of them are quite lengthy powered rides, which some picky people wouldn't count.

Kukulcan is the red one and Forest Train is the right. The stations are both beside each at the front of the park. A kukulcan is a feathered serpent from Mayan culture. A forest train is, well, a train that goes through a forest.

The best coaster and one of the surprises of the trip was their motocoaster which took us right up to the ceiling before coming back down with some nice twisting turns and close interactions with the rest of the park. I liked this a lot!

Elsewhere the park didn't really offer much to us. I was 40 years too late for the majority of the rides.

The park does have some really good unique theming around the park. It's not confirmed if the birds peck your eyes out if you make it to the top.

This theming was perhaps a little politically incorrect.

This was quite nice with a drop tower on a very long program bouncing up and down within a surrounding plant.

If you can't afford Disney's Toy Story attraction here's a cheaper alternative that offers the same thing, as you shoot at screens from a moving train.

We all quite liked the park and it served as a perfect conclusion to a rather excellently organised trip. Everybody who went had a great time.

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