Monday, March 20, 2017

Park: Sega Republic

From IMG we headed into the centre of the city and to the Dubai Mall, a ridiculous sized mall under the Burj Khalifa. As well as the shops there's an aquarium and a theme park in there, and it was the latter we were going for. 

Surprisingly we didn't break the escalator.

Sega Republic is similar to the Sega Joypolis place in Tokyo and that we used to have in the Trocadero in London. A mixture of rides and arcade games in a large entertainment complex.

We headed straight up to the top floor en masse to get the coaster. Another spinning coaster called Spin Gear which was alright but nowhere near as entertaining as the Spiderman coaster we'd ridden earlier in the day. One ride on this seemed to be enough for everyone.

The card we had been given gave us free access on pretty much everything so I ran off to try the other simulators. These ones I'd seen in Tokyo and featured a jeep and boat simulator rides. There was a third one that was missing here featuring a plane. They were fine but dated compared to some of the other attractions now in other parks.

I was too big for Storm-G, a racing game that has the car barrel rolling. I wasn't allowed to ride it.

I did get to do their Initial-D simulator featuring real cars on a hydraulic system. I managed to win my race.

The park is OK and whilst we didn't spend a lot of time here it was more than enough.

As a nice gesture the park laid on a pizza buffet for us. My first pizza of the year!

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