Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Park: Sparkys

Our second Sparky's hit was in the centre of Abu Dhabi in a large mall called Mushrif Mall.

Sparky's have a number of chains around the middle east. Most of them are in the UAE and some have coasters, some didn't (as we'd realised). 

This was noticeably bigger than the previous park.

With some interesting rides.

and we had a rollercoaster. Woohoo! I was worried the side trip was going to be a washout so it was cool to get this. We had to buy a card with a bit more credit on it than we needed but we got our ride and gave the card to some other visitors. The coaster train was in a slightly damaged condition (the hand grips were missing from my car) but it rode well and was an OK ride. 

We did plan to visit a third park but we were tight for time and decided to head back to the Yas complex to join up with the club at the next park.

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