Monday, January 01, 2018

Album #1: Beck "Colors"

This album did very well in "Year in Review" reports from 2017 and I'd completely missed it. I'm a follower of Liz Buckley on Twitter who knows her music and this was her number 1 album, doing even better than the rather excellent LCD Soundsystem album "American Dream" which she had in third place (Mogwai was in second). 

It's a great upbeat album and sounds much more polished than anything he's ever done before. To be honest I've not followed his stuff for years. I was a big fan of his first album which sounded a lot rougher than this one. The new album also has a much more positive vibe running through it.

Favourite tracks: "Up All Night" and "Dreams".

He's playing the Sunday night at All Points East festival this Summer. Now, do I go along or not? (I'm already doing the Friday).
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