Sunday, January 21, 2018

Event: Lumiere 2018

For a few days in January roads are closed around town and Lumiere kicks off. For those that don't know it's an opportunity for artists into light to bring their installations to London where they're made available to the public as a large art/walking tour exhibit.

The plan was to visit each area after work each day it was on however a work issue meant I had to go to extended shifts removing any chance of getting out on the first two of four nights. When I did get to go out on the Saturday I was not in the right frame of mind, basically exhausted and irritable from the shift I'd just done; definitely the wrong state to have to deal with crowds. This meant I had to cram most of it on the final night, and it rained for a good chunk of it. 

Anyway here are the photos of the pieces I did get around to seeing and I've snuck in some taken along the river because the crappy skies made for some ominous skylines.

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