Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Film #1: Jumanji

My first film of 2018 was a time-killer as I had another film to see later in the evening but this one was a bit better than I thought it would have been.

4 Breakfast Club stereotypes are all in detention and come across a newly evolved Jumanji game that has morphed from the board game of the last film to a console game. The kids are pulled in assuming character adverse to their real life personalities. Estevo the jock becomes a useless guy, Anthony Michael Hall the nerd becomes the Rock Jock, Molly the vain valley girl becomes an ugly fat man and the introvert Ally Sheedy becomes the sexy butt kicking woman. There's a vague quest involving taking a gemstone to a statue but the real journey comes as each of the characters realises they don't need to be the stereotypes they've been to date.

It was alright, more a family film than one I'd usually go to but worth seeing if you need to kill 100 minutes.

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