Monday, January 08, 2018

Best Wooden Coasters in the World

So the chaps over at have announced the results of their inaugural wooden coaster poll. This is a more scientific algorithm than normal polls and a worthy replacement to the Mitch Hawker poll of old. I've done 17 of them, have plans to ride 4 this year (shown below in blue) and no plans to visit the other 4 (in red), although I ought to reconsider the top two if they're that good.

01 Wildfire, Kolmarden, Sweden
02 Lightning Rod, Dollywood, USA
03 T-Express, Everland, South Korea
04 Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City, USA
05 The Voyage, Holiday World, USA
06 Phoenix, Knoebels, USA
07 Cu Chulainn, Tayto Park, Ireland
08 Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer, USA
09 El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure, USA
10 Gold Striker, California's Great America, USA
11 Mystic Timbers, Kings Island, USA
12 Goliath, Six Flags Great America, USA
13 Balder, Lisberg, Sweden
14 Coaster, Playland, Canada
15 Troy, Toverland, Netherlands
16 Boulderdash, Lake Compounce, USA
17 Wodan Timburcoaster, Europa Park, Germany
18 Wooden Coaster Fireball, Happy Valley Shanghai, China
19 Shivering Timbers, Michigan's Adventure, USA
20 Rampage, Alabama Splash Adventure, USA
21 Prowler, Worlds of Fun, USA
22 Thunderhead, Dollywood, USA
23 Renegade, Valleyfair, USA
24 Boardwalk Bullet, Kemah Boardwalk, USA
25 Raven, Holiday World, USA

A full report on the results can be seen at this link

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