Monday, January 08, 2018

Film #5: Molly's Game

My first serious film of the year and not a film that I would usually go and see but I quite like Poker despite being terrible at it so the subject looked worth a visit.

Molly Bloom is a failed Olympic skier who went on to run the most exclusive poker nights in LA and New York. The film is an adaptation of her book telling her story, and it's alright.

The performances are good and it includes shouty scenes for both Jessica Rabbit Chastain and Idris Cockney Elba so will likely be up for Oscars. However a lot of the film relies on narrated voice overs which dilutes the performances somewhat and there's flash back too. Jessican's performance is very good and you do take her side despite the shady business in which she made her name in.

It's worth seeing, better than Jumanji at least :)

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