Sunday, March 10, 2013

Amon Tobin @ Hammersmith

Amon Tobin has been touring the ISAM show for a few years now. In the last year he's expanded the show and has been touring that as version 2.0 of the show. Coming to an end of this leg and wishing to "take the set into the desert and set fire to it" the final UK gig took place this week in Hammersmith.

For those that aren't familiar with the ISAM show it's basically Amon djing within a set made from cubes onto which projections are beamed turning the stage into a visual performance synchronised to the music. This should help visualise it.

I don't really get his sound at all but this performance was just mind blowing. I suffered visual overload several times at this show being completely captivated by what I was seeing. For a lot of the performance people stood still waiting for some resemblance to a beat they could move to. It wasn't a rave by any means, and the sloped floor in the venue, whilst offering a perfect view, made it testing on the legs the longer you stayed on the spot. 

With the album over the encore consisted of Amon playing more upbeat music finally giving us something to bounce to. Just a shame the whole show couldn't be like this, but I appreciate that's not what it was about.

It's a shame this show is coming to an end but it makes me wonder how he'll top it.

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