Saturday, March 02, 2013

Cirque du Soleil: Zumanity.

First Cirque show in Vegas was New York New York's Zumanity show. Marketed as representing the sensual side of Cirque it's basically "Cirque with tits", mixing burlesque and the usual cirque show with sexy performers either dressed sexily or dressed in very little at all.

The show itself was pretty good, with the best act easily being the hula hoop girl who was able to keep 6 hoops spinning whilst being suspended upside down from a rope. Her costume was pretty good too! Usually the best seat in the house is the front-row but not here. I had the benefit of being given a 2-person love seat but with nobody next to me made me the target of one of the "clowns". Given the aim of the show is to send couples away in the mood for having sex, it was easy pickings to go for the guy sat alone with a "what are you going to do, wank?" joke. I think I took it well though, but did die a little inside.

Definitely not one to take the kids too.

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