Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park

Located in South Shields, east of Newcastle is Ocean Beach, a great little seaside park that seems to be surviving where other sea side parks aren't.

Visible from the High Street that leads from the Metro station to the park is this weird booster variant. Instead of doing full circles it's picked up by a crane, dropped and then it swings like a pendulum back to the station. Throughput would be terrible yet it had no end of kids wanting to ride it.

The first coaster was the Zyklon ride, which I think is now called Cat and Mouse. With only one car queue lines were painful but not excessive. The crowds whilst busy don't present too much justification for a second car. 

This is a wave rider but with astro turf instead of water offering a drier if more brutal fall. Carpet burns anyone?


Behind the park is a really nice sandy beach offering views of some Roman ruins to the north. Whilst I was sat here enjoying some fish and chips (the law when visiting the seaside) friends back in London were moaning of snowfall. Strange...

The other coaster is a quick caterpillar ride. Tick, next!

This is a really nice park and the Easter holiday had brought a sizeable yet well behaved crowd. The security patrol were looking suitably bored. To get to this park it's a Metro ride from Newcastle Central Metro station.

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