Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Icona Pop @ Elektrowerkz

OK, second time I've seen these two now. First time was last month in LA, and whilst I was out there they announced a gig at Elektrowerkz, a club in London that I know as an indoor paintball venue I used to frequent when I was younger.

This time around the pair had a better visual show than at The Troubador with LCD screens behind each of them and a strobe array in the centre. The set was the same I think, although seemed a bit shorter than the American gig, but that could be the alcohol I consumed there; this time around it was a school night.

I didn't bother taking any photos or filming this time, figuring I'd leave it to the others. Unfortunately of those that were uploaded to Youtube, the quality was pretty rubbish but here's one to give an idea of the gig.

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