Friday, March 29, 2013

Vitalic and Friends @ Koko

Time for a night of French based electro techno pop with the second promoted event from The Playground crew who were responsible for the Kavinsky gig last month. This one so 7 hours of music across 2 rooms, clearly way too much choice for one person. So I chose to take my spot overlooking the main stage.
With a rather good DJ call Blende greeting me as I arrived I was already liking the music choice with lots of disco loops and heavy beats over the top; I'm certain some Blondie got played at one point. He's definitely one I'll keep an eye on.
I missed the first act The Coolness as I arrived late but they must have played to an empty room as there was hardly anyone there when I got in. Had the promoters booked too heavy and too early?
French Canadian pop act Dragonette were up next and having seen them play to a packed house at Cargo, I felt a little sorry for these guys as they had come all the way over to play a 30-minute set here. A delayed start didn't really increase the crowd volumes. Having said that they did win the crowd over especially with their "Hello" track to finish.
The second act was Goose, who I'd never heard of and whose tracks sounded a little bit bland. But live they were superb, with a great light show and a driving sound that is lost on their recordings...or perhaps I chose the wrong tracks to listen to when researching them.
Up next was Yuksek who played a DJ set marred by a couple of power outages, I guess due to the amount of stage clearing going on behind him. Once he got settled into his set he played loud and I was able to recognise some of his tracks that he worked into the set.
Then it was onto the main act, Vitalic. I had herd his stuff before after being recommended his stuff by a Spotify app. Live he took a little while to get going but boy did he get into his stride; he made Koko rock hard and if I'd had any energy left by this point he made sure it was spent. A great set indeed.
One of the forefathers of French house Etienne de Crecy then took to the decks but I was shattered and only made it through half his set before deciding I'd had enough (in a good way). I was gutted as closing the night was Kip Bambino who are great and who I was looking forward to seeing more than Vitalic. C'est la vie, as the French would say.

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