Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Room @ Prince Charles Cinema

The Room is a film that I'd never heard of until Graham Linehan posted on Twitter that it was one of the worst films he'd ever seen, and as a fan of bad movies, what a great recommendation that was. Then I happened to pass by the Prince Charles Cinema in town and noticed they were showing it. It was certain fate that I was meant to see this.

So I bought my ticket and on entering the cinema noticed people filling the middle and back, leaving the front empty so I chose to sit there. Just before the film starts a guy approaches a mic at the front of the theatre and says the following.

"If you must throw cutlery we ask that it be plastic and throw it forwards so that you don't hit someone in the face."

Great, so I'm about to get hit with plastic cutlery, which I did a few times. At apparently random times the crowd, who clearly knew the film, would shout "spoon" and thrown them forward. Only later did I realise that one of the scenes featured a prop of a framed picture of a spoon, the prompt for the chant and spoon chucking.

There was lots of other heckles such as "close the fucking door" when a character would enter the titular room and leave the front door open.

Clearly I was out of my depth at this showing and only later did I realise there was an unofficial guide to watching this film outlined here. I'll be better prepared for next time, and yes I would be quite happy to go and enjoy this a second time. The film is terrible but the event was great.
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