Friday, March 29, 2013

Wythenshawe Fair

Easter time is the first big fair date on the showman calendar and facing into bad weather a significant number of the fairs had been postponed or cancelled. The fairs can't be safe if the ground is too wet. I decided to head to Manchester to check out some of the fairs there. Researching en route revealed some new hits in the south of city and Wythenshawe was the first.

Located around 30 minutes south of the city just under the ring road is Wythenshawe Park, a huge open space with a creepy looking old house in it. But I wasn't there for the Haunted Mansion rip off, it was the rides I was interested in.
Coaster number one was a new one for me, a rather embarrassing kiddy caterpillar run by Freddie Mulhearne. Just one to ride then leave the scene quickly.

This one I did know before. This is run by Reed and Nathan Holland and I believe I rode it at Wigan Fair towards the end of last year.

The final coaster I thought was new and hadn't ridden before. I'm certain I'd have recognised the icy exterior. Turns out I had ridden is before at Keighly Fair. This Dragon Wagon run by Billy Hill previously had a stony castle-like exterior but in October it underwent this transformation, and it looks rather good now!

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