Thursday, March 07, 2013

Las Vegas pt. 5

Last day in Vegas and a fairly shorter update as I was running out of new things to take photos of.

I found this in Caesar's Palace and how clever is this? Celine is coming back to play another lengthy run and there's her back 

There's a modern art gallery just outside the Aria entrance which has some Cirque inspired sculptures, I think by Richard McDonald. They're really impressive and probably way out of my budget. 

Sex In the City gambling game. 

For lunch I tried another Gordon Ramsay establishment, this time themed on English Pub food. I had the duck poutaine and the pork belly, both were really good. The costumes are quite cool here with the hostesses wearing newspaper print and the servers dressed like punks.

The Goss brother does good. Matt now has a residency here where he croons a la Crosby. There's even a bar named after him.

More rubbish costumes. How have they managed to make Buzz look like John Goodman. 

Evening entertainment came in the form of the Absinthe show at Caesar's. Put together by Spiegelworld, an Australian show troupe who take the cirque format, make it more intimate and a lot more adult. The result was by far the most hilarious of all the shows I saw on the trip, and perhaps ever. The circus acts are pretty good but it was the compere, called The Gazillionaire, and his assistant who stole the show with their downright filthy routines and crowd participation. The plaudits use comments like "if you only see one show, see this" and I think they're right. Certainly if you want an entertaining show on the strip, do this...just don't sit near the front. You're fair game to be abused, if you do.

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