Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cirque du Soleil: Beatles Love

Next cirque show was the cirque interpretation of the music of the Beatles. Now I've seen one similar show which was their take on Michael Jackson and was hugely disappointed so there was a piece of me expecting something similar here...I needn't have worried.

This show was great and tells the story of the Beatles from the Blitz, through their trippy phase, break up and reunion. The show is performed in the round and like Mystere the floor drops in various places creating a pit in which the next stage can be loaded whilst aerial acts swing and spin overhead. I liked the blitz particularly which had a rooftop set being smashed up by the dancers leaving brick debris all over the place. They must have to manually build that set each time knowing it's going to be knocked down. 

There's no live band here, instead the performers work to pre-recorded music. For this reason I think the acts were a little safer than usual. Typically the live band adapt the music to fit mistakes that a more risky act might encounter; but not here. My favourite act was probably the russian swing suspended high above the floor. The spanish web Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds section was also pretty cool.

I left the theatre buzzing and listening to the reactions of others, this show is really something special and shows how the music/cirque marriage can work if done right. 

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