Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cirque du Soleil: Zarkana

The final Cirque show of the trip was the newest to hit the strip and at the Aria, so not too far from the bedroom. It was however far enough from Absinthe that I had to dash quite quickly to make it from one show to the other; the only downside to having to cram so many shows in.

The theatre here used to house an Elvis themed Cirque show but as numbers dwindled another option was looking for. At the time Zarkana was a travelling show that was coming to the end of its tour so a decision was taken to house that show here.

The downside to that is that the acts aren't particularly unique or complicated however combined with the amazing stage production the Aria has a winner on their hand. Standout acts were the sand painter and the flag jugglers but the real star of the show is the set, which covered in LEDs, changes from a Medusa lair, to an overgrown jungle and a space scene, amongst others.

There are quite a lot of clowns, all dressed in white, making it a little tricky to keep up with everything going on with the show, but that's a minor point. Better to have a busy production than an empty one I guess. 

So, that was the end of my Cirque trip, following the announcement of the cancellation of Iris in LA. Checking back I've now done 18, and have 2 left although which will rise to 3 when the MJ one opens at the Mandalay. The elusive ones are unfortunately both travelling the southern hemisphere. Ovo is in Australia and Corteo is in Brazil. They're travelling and I hope our paths will cross. What really pleased me with Vegas is that each of the shows is unique enough and the overlaps small, that you can easily pick and choose shows without worrying about having seen it all before. 

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