Sunday, March 17, 2013

Halifax Fair

Occasionally the coaster hunting hobby goes a little off tangent and a stupid trip is put together at short notice for the sake of a credit. Today was one such day, with the emergence of Curtis Eddy's Family Coaster in Halifax. Last year I attempted to keep a track of all travelling coaster sightings with an aim of building a library of catchment areas for each (part of my Google Earth Parks Project). This coaster wasn't seen at all last year. That's not to say it wasn't about, it just wasn't on my radar. So something as elusive as this had be tracked down and ridden, and fortunately it was next to Halifax Train station and on concrete so I was unlikely to face the quagmire that Yiewsley offered me the day before. As it turns out the coaster is a powered kiddy thing made by Turkish Company DAL. I'd ridden a few of these now, rather embarrassingly, and managed to notch this one up too. A better way to spend the day than at work, which I'd planned. A nine hour round trip and a last minute ticket meant this wasn't the cleverest use of ones time and finances, but hey, that's what makes the hobby what it is.

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