Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cirque du Soleil: Mystere

Onto the next show now and Mystere, which is the oldest cirque show on the strip having been at Treasure Island for 10 years. That's as long as Twin Peaks...what a coincidence.

Given it's age I thought it would just be a standard cirque show on a flat stage. I didn't appreciate that the stage set up was pretty complex with a series of lowering floors that could turn the stage into a pit, and some pretty impressive animatronics finishing with a huge....well you'll just have to watch it.

The acts were good but not stand out; the best being the aerial cube (think a guy doing gymnastics rings keeping a huge cube spinning around him with his feet) and an extremely painful looking hand-to-hand routine.

This show also does the comedy quite well with a large baby making frequent appearances looking for his "dada" (a random member of the audience)

Overall better than I expected but still not quite in the Ka and O league.

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