Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nightmare on Elm Street All-Nighter @ Prince of Charles Cinema

Yep, back to my favourite cinema in London for this showing of 7 Freddy Krueger movies back-to-back.

This was a proper endurance challenge running for 12 hours. The atmosphere was great to begin with with lots of enthusiasm, cheering and laughter (especially at Johnny Depp's cropped T-Shirt in the first one). Energy levels peaked at number 3 (my personal favourite) but then started to go at 4 and 5. I never fell asleep but could feel myself flagging during the last two. It was a great sense of achievement as the final credits rolled despite the calls for Jason vs Freddy to be added as an encore (that one was missing)

This cinema is doing stuff like this all the time and I decided to become a member. £10 for a years membership is a great offer.

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